Acord membru KevytPRO pentru liber-profesioniști

    Contracting parties and legal positions

  1. The Tax Administration's Employer Register contains information about a company called Osuuskunta Kevytyrittäjät Pro Suomi, which hereafter is referred to as the ‘Cooperative’.
  2. A person who has been registered and identified in the Tax Administration's Taxpayer's Register, and whose personal details are contained within the Cooperative’s information system, which hereafter is referred to as a ‘Member’.
  3. The Cooperative is considered to be the salary payer on whose behalf the Member is engaged in business. In employment pension and social security legislation, the Member is considered to be an employee who, in the name of the Cooperative, is engaged in business. The work of a Member is not subject to any collective agreement or other employment legislation.
  4. Roles and responsibilities for the parties

  5. The Member shall submit offers for their own work, agrees upon the delivery terms and conditions and creates written orders before commencing any work.
  6. The Member shall make or arrange for the work to be carried out in accordance with good practice, and general and specific work and safety instructions, and report it to the Cooperative for invoicing.
  7. The member shall take out Self-Employed Persons’ Pension Insurance and pay for their own work within six months of the commencement of their entrepreneurial activities under the terms and conditions of the agreement provided that it has been continuous for more than four (4) months.
  8. The Cooperative shall pay the Member their salary and other compensation in accordance with the agreement, while also submitting PAYE, and taking out and paying the worker's accident and liability insurance.
  9. Salary and other allowances

  10. The member shall be paid at an hourly rate and, if applicable, salary and tax-exempt allowances, with the amount and basis of this being determined in accordance with valid tax legislation. For more information please go to
  11. Tax-exempt allowances include travel expenses for travel between a Member's home and a specific place of employment, and a meal allowance if the member is employed in an industry that often needs to change location due to short-term employment requirements and where no meal facilities exist near the place of work. A Member's home is considered to be the home address for that Member and the work site address is their place of employment.
  12. The Member shall be reimbursed on a tax-free basis for the costs of their work on the basis of receipts that are submitted by the member and which are approved by the Cooperative.
  13. Member salaries and reimbursements are paid either in arrears or periodically for work that has been approved by the Cooperative, in accordance with current payment practices.
  14. Other terms and conditions, the period of validity, and termination

  15. A Member does not have the right to enter into contracts and deliverables or place orders, or purchase goods or services on behalf of the Cooperative without the consent of the Cooperative.
  16. The Member must return any tools, vehicles, and other goods that they have received as soon as the agreement expires if that Member was provided with any of these items by the Cooperative. If the Member does not return those items then the Cooperative has the right to offset the value of those items against any claims which are made by or which are due to the Member.
  17. The Member shall not disclose or misuse information about prices, customers, confidential trade information, or information about the Cooperative’s business, and nor may they engage in or be a part of any activity which can be shown to be in competition with the business model during the contractual period and for a period of three (6 months) thereafter.
  18. The agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time after it has been electronically approved and for a period of three (3) months after it has been terminated.