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The KevytPRO Payroll is a quick and easy way for companies and light entrepreneurs to handle invoicing and payroll tasks. After completing your assignment, you can invoice it as a private individual without a business ID or business name. Allow us to handle the paperwork and bureaucracy. You can concentrate fully on what you get paid for. Best of all, this means that you keep more of your income.

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Insurance is important both for companies and light entrepreneurs. We make sure that you, as a light entrepreneur, have the most important insurance requirements in place. You can ask about insurance coverage by contacting our experts by phone on 010 209 1091, by email at: info@kevytpro.fi, or by scheduling an appointment with us and visiting us at our office at Kutomotie 16, 00380 Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.

Liability insurance

Operational liability insurance covers personal and property damage for which, as a light entrepreneur, you are legally liable. The sum you are insured for is EUR 1,000,000 and the deductible is EUR 1,000. The insurance policy also covers that property in which your work is carried out with an insured figure of EUR 20,000 and a deductible of EUR 1,000. This insurance policy covers the construction and cleaning industry. The KevytPro experts can provide you with more information about insurance coverage. Please also contact our customer service centre for more information on reporting your loss to the insurance company, either by calling 010 209 1091, by emailing via info@kevytpro.fi or directly contacting the insurance company Fennia. Fennia provides service at +358 10 503 6604 (Mon–Tue 9 am – 5 pm and Wed–Fri 9 am – 4 pm) and at www.fennia.fi. The insurance number is 490-7326702.  
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Accident insurance

Accident insurance for light entrepreneurs covers all accidents that may occur during working hours. This comes with an insured figure of EUR 20,000 and no deductible (EUR 0). The insurance policy also covers accidental deaths, with an insured figure of EUR 5,000 and indemnity for permanent injury with an insured figure of EUR 50,000. This insurance policy covers only who is covered by Kela. For persons not covered by Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland), the insurance covers treatment costs up to EUR 5,000, permanent injury up to EUR 10,000 and accidental death up to EUR 5,000. The insurance covers treatment provided in Finland. Please contact our customer service centre to acquire more information on reporting your accident to the insurance company by calling +358 10 209 1091, sending email to info@kevytpro.fi, or directly contacting the insurance company Fennia. At Fennia, FenniaHoitaja provides service at +358 10 503 5000 (7 am–11 pm) and www.fennia.fi. The insurance number is 5149765.

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YEL insurance

A light entrepreneur in Finland is insured either as an employee or as an entrepreneur. Social security legislation does not really consider light entrepreneurs as a group. But the term ‘light entrepreneur’ has been established in the language when referring to self-employment. All entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and light entrepreneurs are insured according to the Self-Employed Persons’ Pension Act (YEL).
Basic information about YEL insurance:
  • All self-employed persons who are aged between 18-67 are required to insure themselves according to the YEL act if their working activities last for at least four months and their YEL income, ie. the value of their work, amounts to a figure of at least EUR 7.958.99 ( 2020 ) over a period of twelve months. 
  • Irregular but recurring entrepreneurial activity is tantamount to seasonal entrepreneurship and may require YEL insurance. 
  • YEL is the foundation of the entrepreneur’s social security system. Valid YEL insurance makes it possible for an entrepreneur to take out accident insurance. 
  • YEL income also determines sickness and parental benefits, as well as unemployment benefits.
  • An entrepreneur can join the ‘Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed’ if their YEL income amounts to a minimum figure of EUR 13.076 (2020).
  • A new entrepreneur will receive a 22% discount from their insurance premiums. If you are starting up your first business you will receive a 22% discount off your YEL insurance premium during the first four years. Your discount period starts when you take out YEL insurance for the first time.
  • Self-employed persons pension contributions can also be fully deducted either in their personal or business taxation.
  • YEL insurance premium is based on your YEL income. Your age affects your YEL percentage: anyone who is under 53 and over 62 years of age will pay 24.1% of their income, while anyone who is between 53-62 years of age will pay 25.6% of their income.
  • As an entrepreneur you estimate your earned income, ie. the monetary value of your own work, but the pension insurance company will confirm that income figure. Your earned income should correspond to the annual salary that would be paid for the same job to another person with the same skills. However, income is not simply those profits that are made by your company or your salary as an entrepreneur.
  • When calculating your income, you should also consider the number of hours you work, your business turnover, and the possible seasonal nature of your activities.
For more information about YEL insurance please contact the Varma customer service centre on 010 192 100 (on weekdays between 08:00-17:00) or visit www.varma.fi.
The KevytPRO experts are also happy to help you with your YEL insurance and calculating your income.
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We offer services that help you to comply with the Contractor’s Obligations Act and the Tax Number Act. We supply our customers - either directly or through our partners - with electronic services that help to fulfil their administrative obligations. www.tilaajavastuu.fi.
The Varma pension insurance company supplies pension insurance for Finnish work and is a pioneer in work ability management. We are also a responsible and solvent investor. www.varma.fi.
Fennia Group is the financial security partner of companies, entrepreneurs, and households. Our services are provided by Fennia, which specialises in non-life insurances, Fennia Life, which provides voluntary life, pension, and deposit insurances, Fennia Asset Management Ltd, which offers asset management services, and the service company Fennia-service Ltd. www.fennia.fi

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